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Dynamic Load Structural Adhesive
Product Name: Dynamic Load Structural Adhesive

Dynamic Load Structural Adhesive

■ Features

1.It’s a two component dynamic load structural adhesive that coagulates at room temperature.
2.It has high tensile and shearing strength, high adhesion to structures.
3.It can be applied where ambient temperature ranges from minus 10 degree C to 40 degree C. It’s easy for use and perfect in performance.
4.It’s impervious to water and other medium matters, anti-aging and anti-dampening.
5.It can be applied on all kinds of masonry materials, marble stones, concrete and metal.

■ Application

1.For planting and strengthening steel bars in new or old constructions that bear bending and tensile force.
2.For anchoring and strengthening the fundament of all kinds of equipments.
3.For supporting and strengthening the roof of mining tunnels.
4.For anchoring of railway sleepers. 
5.For anchoring of curtain wall, chemical equipments, pipeline, billboard etc. 
6.For anchoring of all kinds of hydraulic facilities, dock, public road, and bridges etc.
7.For repairing of concrete structures, masonry materials, bricks and rocks.

■ Usage

1.Boring: Drill a hole according to required diameter and depth.
2.Cleaning: Clean off the float ash in the hole with compressed air.
3.Material Preparation: Fully agitate component A in the package and weigh component A and B according to the ratio of 3:1.
4.Filling. Fill the fully mixed adhesive in the hole and take care of not making bubbles.
5.Anchoring: plant steel bar or anchor and clean superfluous adhesive off from the vent of the hole.
6.Stabilizing. After strengthening and anchoring, leave it stabilize at room temperature for at least 8 hours.

■ Cautions

1.Do not mix the two components before use.
2.The mixing tool shouldn’t be used together in two components. After application, it should be cleaned in time or abandoned.
3.It’s nontoxic. If there’s skin contact, please scrub with acetone first and flush with clean water. 
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