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Iron Oxide Pigment
Product Name: Iron Oxide Pigment
Type: Iron Oxide Pigment
Package: 25kg/bag

Iron Oxide Pigment


Itsmolecular formula is Fe2O3. It’s an inorganic pigment that has strong tintingability, good dispersive effect, heat endurance and anti-weathering ability.

It’snot soluble to water and organic solvents. There’s no color infiltration. Itcan enhance the anti-corrosion ability of paint. Moreover, it has no influenceon the sulfidizing process of rubber products. It’s available in multiplecolors.


■ Application

It’swidely used in construction, rubber and painting field 

■ Features

1.  Alkali resistance

Withalkali resistance grade of 4-5, it’s stable when used together with cement,lime and other common construction materials. It has no efflorescence on cementproducts and bears no effect on strength.

2.  Acid Resistance.

Itretains due stability against weak and diluted acid, but not strong acid.

3.     Sunlight Endurance

It’sperfectly resistant to sunlight. There’s no color fading even under intensivesunlight for long time. Sunlight resistance grade is 6 to 7.

4.    Heat Endurance.

Thecolor remains impervious to heat. After special treatment, it can endure 800degree C at highest.

■ Technical Data



Iron oxide cont., %


Volatile (at 105 ), %


Water soluble substance, %


320mm mesh remains, %


Oil absorption, %


Suspension pH value


Color Tone(compared with standard)

Approximately the same

Tinctorial Yield (compared with strandard)


Conductance force us/cm






Particle Structure


Color difference


Tinctorial Yield



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