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Air Entraining Admixture (MNC-AE2)
Product Name: Air Entraining Admixture (MNC-AE2)
Type: MNC-AE2
Package: 10kg/bag

 Air Entraining Admixture 
(MNC-AE2 )

■ Description

MNC-AE2 which generates a highly stable air void system for increased protection against damage from freezing and thawing, severe weathering, or deicer chemicals.  MNC-AE2 is a light yellow powder product designed to generate specification-quality air systems. Based on a high-grade saponified formulation, it is chemically similar to vinsol based products, but with increased purity and supply dependability.

MNC-AE2 complies with ASTM C 260 Standard Specifications for Air-Entraining Admixtures for Concrete.

■ Uses
MNC-AE2 air-entraining admixture may be used wherever the purposeful entrainment of air is required by concrete specifications. Formulated to perform across the entire spectrum of production mixes, MNC-AE2 generates quality, freeze-thaw resistant air systems in concrete conditions that include the following:
• Low Slump
• Paving
• Central Mix
• Extruded Slip Form
• Mixes Containing Hot Water and Accelerators
• Precast
• High Cement Factor
• Fly Ash and Slag
• Superplasticizers
• Manufactured Sands

■ Typical Properties : (at 20 degree C)




Light yellow powder

Viscosity (Pa. s)

0.18- 0.32

Specific Gravity (g/cm3)


pH value

7.0- 9.0

Air Content (%)


Surface Tension (MN/m)


■ Advantages
1. Increases the bond strength and avoid losing of concrete compressive strength because of entrained air.
2. Preserves internal water and effectively reduces permeability
3. Enhances resistance to surface deterioration caused by de-icing chemicals, sulfate attack and corrosive water.
4. Has more stable performance of anti-freezing/thawing compare with other air entraining products.
5. Requires less mixing water used per cubic meter of concrete, therefore bleeding is reduced.
6. Reduces bleeding and segregation of the concrete.
7. Compatible with other admixtures.
8. Non-toxic, non-flammable, and corrosion resistant.
9. Has high bonding strength, easier to be pumped and compacted.

■ Application
Air is introduced into the concrete by the mechanics of mixing and stabilized into millions of discrete semi-microscopic bubbles by MNC-AE2. These air bubbles act much like flexible ball bearings increasing the mobility, or plasticity and workability of the concrete. This can permit a reduction in mixing water with no loss of slump. Placeability is improved. Bleeding, plastic shrinkage and segregation are minimized.

Through the purposeful entrainment of air, MNC-AE2 remarkably increases the durability of concrete when exposed to severe freezing and thawing. It has also demonstrated a remarkable ability to resist the action of frost and deicing salts as well as sulfate, sea and alkaline waters.

■ Addition Rate
Testing or prior experience with the job materials and job equipment is necessary to determine the proper dosage and minimum mixing time. Recommended addition rate: 0.005- 0.015% for mortar or concrete.

■ Package
The product is packed in polywoven bag with plastic liner at 10kg.
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