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High Efficient Gypsum Retarder (MNC-GR)
Product Name: High Efficient Gypsum Retarder (MNC-GR)
Type: MNC-GR
Package: 25 kg/bag

High Efficient Gypsum Retarder

■ Description

MNC-GR is a new type of high efficient gypsum retarder,researched by our own company independently . It has super retarding effect with smaller dosage. It can adjust the gypsum products' setting time freely according to customers’ various needs. It helps gypsum and plaster products to have few strength loss rate after gypsum is hardened.

MNC-GR is a white powder agent with good fluidity, which can be mixed and dispersed well with gypsum, either by spiral mixing or grinding. With this admixture, the operating time of the gypsum can be prolonged for an hour or several hours on demands. It has easy construction, more efficiency, and lower cost. It helps more to adjust the setting time and consistency of gypsum paste optionally combined with our MUHU superplasticizer SMF together.

■ Physical characteristics and dosage




Grey Powder

Water Content (Powder) (%):


pH Value (20℃) (20% Liquid):


Recommendation Dosage (%):powder: 0.1~0.5% ( 1h - setting time for reference )

( The setting time will be prolonged by dosage increase. But due to setting retarding effect being different by different gypsum, it should make testing for dosage before production application.)


■  Applications

◇ Super performance for desulphurization gypsum.
◇ Wall plaster, adhesive plaster, plaster putty, plaster precast, gypsum filler, plaster template, and gypsum decorating coating.


Powder:25kgs / plastic sealed bag

■ Usage/ Storage/ Transport

Keep the product away from eyes, mouth and skin carefully during use. Protective gloves and glasses are recommended. Rinse out with plenty of water after accidentally touched.


The powder form absorbs moisture easily. It should be stored in its unopened packaging, please be stored drily at usual ambient temperature and protect from excessive heat.(below 40℃).Don't stack up too high.

Handle with care to avoid breakage when moving. Keep from moisture when transporting. This product is non-toxic, non-irritating and no-combustible.

Shelf Life:

1 year for powder 

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