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Defoamer for Dry Mortar  (MNC-XP)
Product Name: Defoamer for Dry Mortar  (MNC-XP)
Type: MNC-XP
Package: 10 kg /drum

Defoamer for Dry Mortar 

■ Description 

It is a nonionic surfactant that is suitable for dry mix mortars. Its hydrophilic group is non-ionic polarity base-hydroxl and ether base, thus it has high stability and is not influenced by the pH value of mediums and the electrolyte.

■ Functions

1. It can defoam the microbubbles, making the product have excellent durability and shear stability together with higher strength and density.

2. With high efficiency, it can be used in horizontal/ vertical systems and all kinds of carrier systems, especially with good leveling effect in the self-leveling system.

3. It makes seldom liquid bubbles, especially in almost air-free water-based slurry/clod; its deforming effect is good. In certain dry mortars, presents its plasticizing effect and improves the spreading rate.

4. It has excellent operability, mainly in outstanding flowability, dust-free, easy to handle, etc.

5. With its great wetting dispersibility, especially in self-leveling system, it can be well wetted by water and evenly dispersed in the system, without causing any surface defects such as grease spots and color aberration.

■ Recommended applications

■ Self-leveling system

■ Thin-set system

■ Ceramic Tile Adhesive (cement-based)

■ Joint filler (cement-based)

■ Mortar system

■ Gypsum system

■ Powder coatings
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