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Concrete Mould Release Agent-Wax Based (MNC-TL)
Product Name: Concrete Mould Release Agent-Wax Based (MNC-TL)
Type: MNC-TL
Package: 45kg/drum

Wax Based Concrete Mould Release Agent
■ Description
MNC-TL is a concrete mould release agent, applied to the inner face of shuttering, formwork and mould prior to the casting of concrete. It is wax-based, milk white color carrier which allows an easy release between the cast concrete and the formwork.

Easy bond breaking.
Dries rapidly on forms resulting cleaner and safer working surfaces.
Inhibits rust formation on steel forms.
Provides uniform stain-free concrete surfaces.
Do not remove formwork in the raining day.
Dries fast and is not slippery.
Economical and easy to use.
Use directly and no need to be diluted with water.

1. MNC-TL is supplied ready for use.
2. Form surfaces should be clean and dry before applying MNC-TL. Uniformly apply MNC-TL with brushing or soft, clean cloth with a thin coating on the form surface.

1. Cares must be taken to avoid applying THICK coatings to NEW hardwood or plywood forming, as this could cause damage to the surface finish.
2. MNC-TL must not be allowed to contact with any reinforcement as it stops the concrete from bonding to the steel.
3. MNC-TL causes a dust film to form where it touches the concrete surface. This film must be brushed away before any other work contacting the concrete surface is carried out.
4. Cares must be taken to avoid open fire.

MNC-TL covers up to 20sqm per kg when brushing was applied

 Package & Storage

MNC-TL is packed in 13.5 kg per iron barrel. Containers should be tightly closed and properly stored. Prevent accumulation of water, dirt or other residue on covers. The shelf life of MNC-TL is two years when stored in the sealed containers.


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