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Pumping Aid Agent for Ready Mixed Concrete (MNC-BV50)
Product Name: Pumping Aid Agent for Ready Mixed Concrete (MNC-BV50)
Type: MNC-BV50
Package: 200 Liter/drum

Pumping Aid Agent for Ready Mixed Concrete

■ Description

MNC-BV 50 is a liquid based on modified ligno Sulphonate, complex polymers and accelerators admixture designed for use in concrete to increase workability and reduce water content. 

■ Standard Compliance

MNC-BV 50 complies with the requirements of the following standards: ASTM C 494 as Type D & G depending on dosage used.

■ Advantages 

Mixes designed incorporating MNC-BV 50 can show economies through cement reduction, whilst still improving the plastic and hardened properties of the concrete. Batching water is reduced without loss of workability.
Typical performance advantages are:
• Increased strength and long term durability properties
• Reduced dimensions of long term shrinkage and creep
• Improved surface finish
• Placing in difficult situations is made easier
• Improved characteristics of concrete with difficult and harsh aggregate or sands.

■ Typical Properties




Brown Liquid

Specific Gravity

Approx 1.2kg / Liter

Chloride Content


■ Dosage: 300ml-1000ml

Typical Dosage :400ml-600ml / 100kg

Trial mixes are recommended to establish exact dosage rates required to suit individual requirements. If assistance is required please contact the MUHU Technical Department.

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