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Mortar Plasticiser (MNC-E1)
Product Name: Mortar Plasticiser (MNC-E1)
Type: MNC-E1
Package: 32kg/bag

Mortar Plasticiser
■ Description
MNC-E1 is a chloride free powder admixture conforming to JG/T164-2004 for the effective plasticising of mortar mixes.

■ Uses
MNC-E1 is a very active non-staining powder which readily mixes with water to improve the workability and adhesion of cement mortar and plaster. Eliminates the need for hydrated lime, but can be used with lime if required. A great masonry aid for laying bricks, concrete blocks and stone. Absolutely essential for solid plastering.

■ Advantages
1. Better workability.
2. Increases bond strength.
3. Reduces trowel drag thus speeds up the work of laying bricks or rendering walls. Replaces the use of lime.
4. Reduction of water/cement ratio.
5. Resistance to frost damage.
6. Improves bond and consolidation.
7. Greater plasticity
8. Cleaner work, less droppings.
9. Economical -fraction the price of plasticising paste.

■ Direction for use
Add to the gauging water at the rate of 500gms per 100kg of fresh Ordinary Portland Cement. Never add directly to the dry aggregates.

■ Package & Storage
1. 32kg paper-plastic bag package.
2. Store in dry place and shake well before use.
3. MNC-E1 stored in this manner, can be effectively used for about 1 year.

■ Health & Safety
MNC-E1 Mortar Plasticiser is alkaline and will be painful if in contact with the eyes. Wear suitable eye protection. Wash all spillages from the skin immediately with soap and water.
MNC-E1 is non-toxic and a mild irritant. Keep out of reach of children. Should not be inhaled or ingested. Seek medical advice if accidentally taken.
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