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Alkali-Free Accelerator for Shotcrete (MNC-Q2)
Product Name: Alkali-Free Accelerator for Shotcrete (MNC-Q2)
Type: MNC-Q2
Package: 250kg/drum

Alkali-Free Accelerator for Shotcrete


■ Description
MNC-Q2 is a high performance alkali-free accelerator for sprayed concrete. It is a liquid form which dosage can be varied as according to the designed setting and hardening times.

■ Application

MNC-Q2 is suitable for all applications, where high and early strength, good final strength and extremely thick layers are required.

 Temporary and permanent rock support in tunnels.

 Rock support in mining.

 Poor ground conditions.

 Tunnel linings, cement ground injection and foam concrete which need acceleration of cementitious grouts.

■ Features

 Quick setting property allowed with rapid work progress and construct thick sprayed concrete linings via layered application during one construction sequence.  Initial setting time is 2 min to 5 min, final setting time is 3min to 10min.

 Good adhesiveness, one spray layer can be 8 mm to 150mm.

 High strength and concrete performance durability.

 Easy handling as well as facilitating accurate addition to concrete.

 Very low dust production with good working environment.

 Lower handling cost.

■ Technical Data Sheet





Visual Appearance


Density (+20)

1.43 ±0.03g/ml

pH value (1:1 water solution)




Thermal stability

+5 to +35



Recommended addition rate: 3% to 8%.of cement quantity

■ Storage
MNC-Q2 kept in closed containers which made of plastic, glass fiber or stainless steel.

The container is 250kg per drum.  The shelf life is 8 months.


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