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Color Concrete Tile Brightening Agent (MNC-CZ)
Product Name: Color Concrete Tile Brightening Agent (MNC-CZ)
Type: MNC-CZ
Package: 66kg/drum, 250kg/drum

Color Concrete Tile Brightening Agent

■ Description 

MNC-CZ is an anionic melamine polycondensate. The addition of MNC-CZ to concrete disperses cement agglomerates. This increased dispersion produces a more efficient cement hydration, resulting in higher strength and more durable concrete. ASTM C 494, Type F

■ Application

MNC-CZ is widely applied in concrete colored brick. It has high performance in early strength and final strength, greatly improves concrete surface finishing and decoration.

MNC-CZ can be widely used as brightening agent for  color pavement and tunnel liner.
MNC-CZ can be applied in various concrete, including high strength concrete, high fluidity concrete, high duration concrete, aluminate cement refractory concrete, grouting material, steam curing concrete, high strength mortar, gypsum products, and so on.

■ Because of no air-entrainment, MNC-CZ can be used curing of concrete and their products.

■ Properties & Technical Data Sheet



Visual Appearance

colorless transparent or pale yellow liquid

Addition Rate (%)


pH Value


Density(20) ( g/cm3)

1.23 ~ 1.27

Solid Content (%)


Water Reducing Rate (%)


Compressive Strength Ratio (%)







■ Coloring Material Preparation


42.5 grade of Portland cement


Medium sand or quartz sand with 10 - 40 sieve remains


Clean water under 40 degree C


Color agent (red, yellow, green)

5kg, 6kg, 8kg

MNC-CZ brightening agent

3 - 5 kg

■ Package, Storage & Handling
1. It is packed in 66kg per drum.
2. It is a non-toxic, non-flavor, non-flammable products.

3. Cautions should be taken to avoid moisture while being transferred or delivered.


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