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Superplasticizer for Cold Weather (MNC-C10/C15)
Product Name: Superplasticizer for Cold Weather (MNC-C10/C15)
Type: MNC-C
Package: 40kg/bag

Superplasticizer for Cold Weather

■ Description

MNC-C is a new generation of chloride-free anti-freezing admixture mainly compounded by naphthalene based superplasticizer with minor nitrate and sulfate. Thus it has anti-freezing, early strengthening, air entraining and water reducing effect for concrete in very cold conditions, It’s used to reduce the time that concrete must be protected against freezing in ambient temperatures ranging from -10 degree C to -25 degree C.

 MNC-C complies with the requirements of the following standards:ASTM C494 as Type A & Type F depending on dosage used.

■ Application
MNC-C series are suitable for construction of common concrete, pumping concrete, large volume concrete and ready-mix concrete in cold weather.

■ Features & Benefits
1. High water reducing effect.
2. Completely water soluble and low alkali content, apparent reducing effect on the alkali-aggregate reaction.
3. Improved concrete workability, pumpability and early strength.
4. Low dosage.

■ Types

Following are three grades of MNC-C




 Lowest Daily Temperature



Dosage of cwt



■ Uses & Package
1. The mixer should be cleaned with hot water or steam before loading sand, rock and hot water. First, mix for 1 minute, then add cement and anti-freezing admixture into it, and mix for another 3 minutes. The mixing water temperature may be adjusted to ensure that the concrete mould temperature is above 10 ℃.

2. The product is packed in poly woven bag with plastic liner at 40kg.


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