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Pumping Aid Agent for Ready Mix Concrete (MNC-P2)
Product Name: Pumping Aid Agent for Ready Mix Concrete (MNC-P2)
Type: MNC-P2
Package: 25kg/bag

Pumping Aid Agent for Ready Mix Concrete (MNC-P2)
High Range Superplasticizer for High Initial Workability and High Slump Retention

■ Product Description

MNC-P2 is a ready-to-use, high range water-reducing admixture designed to produce high slump concrete with workability retaining properties.

■ Standard Compliance

MNC-P2 complies with the requirements of the following standards: ASTM C 494 as Type D, F, & G depending on dosage used.

 Typical Properties




Light Brown Powder

Specific Gravity


pH value


Solid Content, %

92 min

Moisture, %


Fineness (0.315mm remains), %  <


■ Technical Data Sheet



Actual Results



Actual Results

Slump increased, %



Water bleeding rate, %



Slump retention value, mm










Compressive strength, %




Difference in setting time (min)

Initial setting time








Final Setting time


Shrinkage, %




Air content, %



Note: Standard addition rate:0. 75% of cement amount.

■ Uses

■ Specially formulated for concrete with supplementary cementitious materials like Microsilica, Fly ash.

■ Recommended for piling and mass concrete pours with improved cohesion and temperature control.

■ To Provide good pumpable concrete.

■ To provide initial workability especially with low water cement ratio.

■ To significantly improve the initial workability of site mixed concrete without increasing water demand.

■ To provide improved durability by increasing ultimate strengths and reducing concrete permeability.

■ To have high slump retention with early setting time.

■ Mass-concrete pours, ready-mixed concrete and pumped concrete.

■Reduced cracking, increased compressive and flexural strength.

■ Typical Applications & Advantages

■ Powerful plasticizing action with an improved initial workability.

■ Makes possible major reductions in water: cement ratio which allows the production of high strength concrete without excessive cement contents.

■ Improved cohesion and particle dispersion minimizes segregation and bleeding and improves pumpability.

■ Long haul and hot weather concreting.

■ Gains early strength with very high slump retention.

 Technical Support and Services
MUHU offers one-stop type services and turn-key project. 

MUHU is well known in admixture manufacturing, researching and developing. We have excellent professional technical team, providing our customers with on-site instruction on concrete admixture compounding techniques. Meanwhile, we also provide long-term training on admixture compounding techniques. In order to ensure that customers have no worries, we supply our customers who have purchased our equipment with various technical supports, including training on admixture compounding techniques, know-how transfer, and technical cooperation, etc. 

 3- Diagram of the Production Line

 Instructions for Use

Mix design: Where the main requirement is to improve strengths, initial trials should be made with normal concrete mix designs. The addition of the admixture will allow the removal of water from the mix whilst maintaining workability.After initials trials, minor modifications to the overall mix design may be made to optimize performance.
Compatibility: MNC-P2 is compatible with other MUHU admixtures used in the same concrete mix. All admixtures should be added to the concrete separately and must not be mixed together prior to addition. The resultant properties of concrete containing more than one admixture should be assessed by trial mixes.MNC-P2 is suitable for use with all types of Portland cements and cement replacement materials such as microsilica. 

Dispensing: The correct quantity of MNC-P2 should be measured by means of a recommended dispenser. Normally, the admixture should then be added to the concrete with the mixing water to obtain the best results.

MNC-P2 admixture is not recommended to be added in dry aggregates or cement. It should always be added in wet mix conditions. Full blending of the admixture and the concrete should be ensured by mixing at high speed for a period of at least two minutes.Contact MUHU for advice regarding suitable equipment and its installation.

Dosage: The optimum dosage of MNC-P2 to meet specific requirements should always be determined by trials using the materials and conditions that will be experienced in use. The normal dosage range is between 0.75% to 1.5% by weight of cement, and for high strength concrete, dosages between 1.5% to 2.0% by weight of cement may be used. 

Dosages outside the normal range quoted above can be used to meet particular mix requirements. Contact MUHU for advice in these cases.

Setting: MNC-P2 affords excellent control over initial and final setting times.
Setting times of concrete mixes are related to cement type, mix design and ambient temperature.
■Effects of Over Dosage
A severe over dosage of MNC-P2 will result in the following:
■ Extended workability in retention.
■ Retardation of initial and final set.
■ Increase in air entrainment.

Provided it is properly cured, the ultimate strength of the concrete will not be adversely affected and will generally be higher than for normal concrete. The retarding effects of very high dosage will exaggerated with cement.

■ Packaging & Storage
■ It’s packed in woven fabric bag with plastic liner. Net weight: 25kg.
■ This powder is easy to absorb the moisture from the air. So it must be kept in the original sealed bag and stored at dry place. The storage period is three year. 
■ This product is non-toxic and non-flammable. So there is no special transportation requirement.

■ Health & Safety Precautions

MNC-P2 does not fall into the hazard classifications of current regulations. However, it should not be swallowed or allowed to come into contact with skin and eyes. Suitable protective gloves and goggles should be worn. Splashes on the skin should be removed with water. In case of contact with eyes rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. If swallowed seek medical attention immediately do not induce vomiting.
For further information, refer the Material Safety Data Sheet available for this product.

■  Important note

MUHU endeavours to ensure that the technical information contained herein is true, accurate and represents our best knowledge and experience. No warranty is given or implied with any recommendations made by us, our representatives or distributors, as MUHU has no control over the conditions of use and the competence of any labour involved in the application.

As all MUHU technical data sheets are updated on a regular basis it is the customer’s responsibility to check that the product is suitable for the intended application, and that the actual conditions of use are in accordance with those recommended.


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