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M400 (Component of JS Waterproofing Coating)
■ It is a white emulsion with single component system. It is a highly elastic tough waterproofing system, co-polymers and a carrier solvent. 
■ It is highly resistant to aggressive soils and soluble salts providing an effective continuous barrier and protection against waterborne damage. 
■ This is ideally suited as a vapour/salt barrier to building facades behind granite, marble, stone cladding...
Concrete Interface Treatment Agent
■ MNC-302 concrete interface treatment agent, a kind of cement mortar adhesion intensifier, is of a double component emulsion using the water-emulsion epoxy resin as its basic material, with outstanding adhesive ability with many basic materials such as smooth concrete, veneering bricks and slabs, metals, lumbers and plastics, as well as excellent water resistance, moisture and heat resistance, anti-freezing/thawing and aging performances.

Concrete Curing Compound
 MNC-Y is film type concrete curing agent made of water based high polymer emulsion. It’s specially designed to prevent moisture loss in early stage of concrete hydration. 
■ It’s mainly applied in surface maintainance of newly-mixed bared concrete in express way, airport runway, apron, industrial floor, roof, revetment, precast beam and stake etc. 
■ It’s also used for surface maintance of newly constructed hardening floor. 
Corrosion Inhibitor (MNC-RI)
 MNC-RI is a DGI type (Darex Corrosion Inhibitor). It can be mixed with cementitious materials to contribute to new construction or repairing project. 
■ MNC-CI is a MCI type (Migrating Corrosion Inhibitor). It’s normally brushed on the concrete surface to permeate inside and get around steel bars. It’s mainly used in repairing project. 
Finishing Agent
■ It’s finishing paint that’s used after top coating. It’s made of pure acrylic acid that has tenacious adhesiveness, retains color and brightness.
■ After drying, the membrane doesn’t absorb dust while improves self-cleaning ability, waterproofing, alkali resistance and superb anti-weathering ability of coating. 
■ It effectively protects coating from rain, frost, efflorescence and corrosion, greatly extending life expectancy of coating. 
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