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High Strength Non-shrink Grout

■ CGM-1P compressive strength can reach up to 50Mpa in 1 day while equipments may be operated in 1 day after grouting installation.

■ The strength can be as high as 70Mpa after 28 days.

 CGM-QGW Strength could reach up to 10-15MPa in one hour and 40MPa in one day after grouting.
Steel Bar Anchoring Material
■  It can be used for construction of the steel bar anchoring on such bases as reinforced concrete, brick wall and rocks.
■  It mainly used for anchoring of the equipment foundation bolts, and anchoring and shot concreting project in the tunnel works, etc.
High Performance Admixture for Grout for Prestressing Tendons
It is a cement-based pumpable grout with specially graded aggregate. It produces a pumpable, nonbleeding, high-strength fluid product with an extended working time. The specially graded spherical aggregate mitigates chloride migration while still allowing the product to be easily pumped over long distances through small openings. MUHUFlow 1205 meets all the compressive strength and volume change requirements ASTM C 1107 (CRD C621) at a fluid consistency.
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