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Resin Crack Pouring Adhesive

1. Grouting adhesive for concrete cracks over 0.1mm
2. Grouting repairing for cracks in the concrete surface, floor and basement.
3. Compact grouting and repairing for veneerings of the granite, marble and tile as well as hollow joints.

Polypropylene Fiber for Concrete
■ It consists of polypropylene fiber and steel fiber. Polypropylene fiber is also called project fiber, concrete fiber, anti-cracking fiber or composite fiber, plastic fiber etc. 
■ After application in concrete or mortar, it effectively controls drying shrinkage, plasticizing shrinkage and cracks resulted from temperature variation etc. 

Dusting Concrete Treatment Agent
■ It's specially made for repairing concrete where there’s dust exposure due to weak wearing and abrasion resistance.
■ By spraying it on the surface of concrete directly, it infiltrates into the inner part and forms a three dimensional crystal after chemical reaction with concrete. 

Dynamic Load Structural Adhesive

After mixing component A and B by 2:1, the material cures fast at normal temperature. 

It has high tenacious strength for metal, concrete, ceramic, wood, brick, hard plastic etc.

Its highly recommendable for structure reinforcement, steel bar anchoring, formwork bonding, brick bonding, repairing of cement products etc.

Rapid Strength Non-Shrink Grout (CGM-QGW)

CGM-QGW strength can reach up to 10-15MPa in one hour and 40MPa in one day after grouting.

Cement-based Repairing Mortar

1. Its used for repairing concrete surface such as structural surface or floor.

2. Its used as a plastering material for new type wall surface or plate surface. 

3. Its widely used in express way, high viaduct, concrete building at sea, old and new construction work etc as a repairing material.

Epoxy Resin Repairing Mortar

It’s used on concrete substrate where there’s pit of 1-15mm deep or cavity of 15-100mm deep.

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