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Iron Oxide Pigment
■ Its molecular formula is Fe2O3. It’s an inorganic pigment that has strong tinting ability, good dispersive effect, heat endurance and anti-weathering ability.
■ It’s not soluble to water and organic solvents. There’s no color infiltration. 
■ It can enhance the anti-corrosion ability of paint. Moreover, it has no influence on the sulfidizing process of rubber products. It’s available in multiple colors
Cementitious Self-leveling Floor Mortar
■ MUHU Cementitious Self-leveling Floor Mortar is a self-leveling cementitious, non-structural, floor underlayment intended for use over poured in-situ and precast concrete floors which will be covered by carpet, vinyl, ceramic tiles or natural stone. 
■ Only water needs to be added at the job site to obtain the desired consistency for pumping or manual installation.
Concrete Floor Hardener
■ Concrete floor hardener is a pre-blended, non-metallic floor hardener which provides a durable, high strength, long wearing surface for any concrete floor. 
■ Specially blended natural aggregates, Portland cement and plasticizing agents assure easy trowelling and a dense, hard concrete surface.
Epoxy Floor Coating
  The floor hardening material consists of cement-based type and epoxy resin based type. 
  It’s suitable for use in flooring systems in plants, warehouses, supermarkets, squares and stadium etc. 
  When applied in new construction with fresh concrete, it meets the requirement of industrial plants, parking lots and large logistic center etc on wearing resistance and dust proofing. 
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