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In order to provide one-stop service to customers, MUHU also offers know-how transfer besides supplying products.


One of Saudi Arabia Projects                 Dry mortar project in China                   Dry mortar production line


   SNF superplasticizer project                  Brightening agent project               Automatic PLC  Control System



       Lab Designed in Dubai                       SNF Synthetic Workshop                         Drying Workshop

The coverage of technology know-how transfer:

● Designing a production line based on customers' technical requirements and physical site condition. Conducting a preliminary feasibility analysis.
● Providing essential equipment specifications, assisting equipment purchase, issuing bank guarantee, and instructing equipment  installation and commissioning
● Transferring product formulation and manufacturing process.
● Training the employees to produce qualified products.
● Designing and setting up laboratories.
● Training lab workers so that they can independently test finished products and raw materials.

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